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Are you aware there are about two million candidates sitting for this year’s UTME? Do you know that only about 40% will eventually gain admission because of several factors that are largely unknown to most of these candidates?


Every year, since 1978, hundreds of thousands of students buy the UTME form to jostle for admission slots in the limited available space in our largely underfunded and inadequate tertiary institutions. Aside, the UTME form which every candidate is expected to purchase for a fee, the majority of these candidates also pay for tutorials, textbooks, mock exams, post-utme forms, and all manner of services with the aim, and hope of achieving the dream of every undergraduate in Nigeria which is to secure admission into higher institution of learning. The truth, however, is that, despite the effort made by UTME candidates every year, only a fragment of like 40% ended up securing the much-coveted admission slots. Even among those who are offered admission, a large chunk of them are dissatisfied with the admission due to the fact that it is either they are offered a different course from their original choices or they were forced to change to schools which are not their taste due to a low score and not meeting up with other crucial requirements.


The remaining 60%, after massive efforts are “sent back” home to go wait probably till the following year when another round of admission process would begin with the sales of UTME form. Among this group, unfortunately, are students who have attempted the UTME more than once, in fact, some up to 4 or 5 times. A situation which most times made them doubt their capabilities, become depressed and sometimes give them low self-esteem among their peers.


The question to ask however is, why do some students gain admission into the higher institution of learning with ease while others find it an insurmountable task after a few attempts?


This article is written to answer this question and proffer solutions. Read on.


Aside from the fact that our higher institutions are inadequate to accommodate every UTME student for admission, my interactions with UTME students over the years have made me dissect them into four major categories with their distinct characteristics that ultimately make or mar their fate during and after the UTME. Every JAMB candidate surely falls into at least one of these groups. You would do well to figure out where you belong and then take the necessary action to fix yourself before it is too late.


First on the list is the Confused Student. This group, by my observation, is the largest and includes most first-timers who are taking the UTME for the very first attempt. Just as the name suggests, these students are generally confused about the whole process and are ruled by fear. They don’t know how to choose a course of study that suits their personalities, interests, and natural inclinations. They are confused about the school to opt for and whether they meet their requirements or not. They are not sure of what they want to study at the university and yet planning to write a crucial examination like the UTME towards it. They don’t know that success in the UTME begins with the right selection of a course of study and the subject combinations involved. These students would rather gamble with their lives and admission chances by not making proper research about the course they have chosen to study, what it takes to study it, and be sure they have the innate capacity to study such. They are unaware of what it takes in terms of principles and secrets to making a fulfilling career choice. These are the ones that even if they succeed in gaining admission to a higher institution of learning, they always end up with frustrations arising from challenges encountered in such a field of study.


The Passive Student is the second group. These students are generally indifferent about life and their goals. This group is closely related to the third group but the difference with them is their attitude to time as they erroneously believe they have all the time in the world. They are always waiting to be pushed towards their dreams. They are reactionary and not proactive with their lives and goals. The passive student will wait till dying minutes before purchasing the Jamb Form, will not study hard until few days to the examination, will not bother checking and printing the examination date and venue until a day or two to the D-day, will not bother to follow up on the school calendar of his or her choice for updates on the admission process, and so on. They are like brothers and sisters to the lazy ones.


The Unserious is the third group among the UTME students. This particular group of students is known for their lazy approach to life and the UTME. This group of students is the ones that forever procrastinate about their goals. These students have no value for time management as they always delay in purchasing their forms, not for of lack of funds but sheer unseriousness, these are the ones that will shun personal study time or do it irregularly for movies, football matches, or programs that have no direct positive bearing to their life’s goals and dreams. They will register for tutorials but will not often attend, they mostly study at their own conveniences, and they are easily distracted with irrelevances on social and mass media platforms. They could go see movies at the cinemas on every weekend with friends but cannot devote reasonable time to study hard with the same friends. Such are the type that plans to bribe officials, engage in examination malpractices, or even hire mercenaries to help them write their examination. They generally lack focus on their lives and dreams.


The Diligent is the last group of UTME students. These ones have focus from the word go. They know what they want to achieve with their lives and are making efforts to pursue their dreams. They might be imperfect but you will always see the element of a go-getter on them. They have taken time to do proper research and knowledge gathering from books, mentors, and programs. They are generally determined and disciplined with their time management. They don’t lack initiatives towards their daily living as they will always find a way to solve every problem they encounter.  They don’t wait to be pushed before they act toward their dreams. They have friends and play like every other youth but they have set boundaries for all their relationships. They know there is time for everything, hence, they have a personal timetable designed for their daily and weekly activities. They have their weaknesses but they have chosen to keep working on them. For obvious reasons, this group has the largest number of students who are offered admission every year. However, among this group are some, who occasionally get carried away with overconfidence and pride in their achievements. No doubt, they are achievers as they usually achieve their set goals due to their ability to be disciplined and focused but sometimes, out of pride, they overlook their limits. They have done all that is required of them but pride will not let them pay attention to details during, and after their examination which ultimately causes their undoing.


If you are sitting for UTME this year or knows anyone doing the same, I urge you to sit up and address your flaws before they knock down your chances. Gaining admission to higher institutions in Nigeria has become a sort of battle for the fittest. You cannot afford to leave any stone unturned. The general saying that you cannot climb a ladder with your hands in your pocket must be taken very seriously.


Over the years, I have mentored and counseled many students towards achieving their dream of securing admission to higher institutions, and those who listened and followed my guidelines have not only secured admission but are also doing great in their studies across various institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. I have therefore packaged these guidelines into a book I titled “University Admission Capsules”. This book contains practical guidelines on what every UTME student must DO, before, during, and after UTME in order to secure college admission FASTER! Like I said earlier, gaining admission to institutions of higher learning in Nigeria is a battle of the fittest. You must know what to do at every stage of the examination and also do them before you can finally gain your much-desired admission. To ignore some steps due to overconfidence or oversight is to be setting yourself up for stories that touch. These practical guidelines could be the difference between whether you will gain admission or not. There are little errors that students sometimes commit that cost them their admission chances.

A Book written to aid University Admission Seekers in Gaining Admission with Faster and Easier





  • The Number One FACTOR / SECRET that separates successful students from others. It’s not hard or smart work as many think.


  • Why I wrote “JAMB” three times, and what you can learn from my experience.


  • The little errors that students sometimes commit cost them their admission chances.
  • What you need to DO before registering for UTME


  • What you need to DO during the preparation for UTME


  • What you need to DO on the D-day (of the examination)


  • What you need to DO after the UTME examination


  • The God Factor in everything we do.


I have decided to do something spectacular this week and that is to give every UTME student this book for FREE if only you get my first bestselling book on career choice and development. You will get The University Admission Capsules book which is valued at N2, 500 for free if you purchase “Me and My Future Career”. This is a promo I am running only for just this week, after this week, the promo will be suspended.



“Me and My Future Career” book was written primarily for students in secondary schools, Pre-university candidates (JAMB-UTME, IJMB, JUPEB students, etc.), undergraduate students in tertiary institutions to help them discover their career paths early in life, and secondarily for parents, career counselors, and anyone with a passion for knowledge with pictures to buttress the explanations and many more.

Inside “Me and My Future Career” book, you will discover the following and much more:

  • The meaning of a Career and the elements of a Career.


  • The Internal factors that determine your career choice no matter who you are. These factors affect all of us.
  • The Environmental factors that affect your career choice irrespective of where you live.


  • Analysis and explanation of over forty-five (45) different courses or fields of study with their prospects, subject requirements, and duration in Institutions of Higher Learning, i.e. what it takes to study your course and what jobs you could do with it later after graduation.


  • The universal obstacles to career fulfillment and how you can overcome them if you want to be truly fulfilled in life.


  • The benefits of O’ Level Results (WASSCE, NECO, GCE, etc.) apart from using it for admission into tertiary institutions which many students don’t pay attention to.


  • How to overcome any addiction.


  • Tips on studying abroad (If you desire to school abroad with scholarships).


  • And lots more!


If you are tired of writing the UTME every year without success or you plan to write it once and gain admission straight away, then you need to do more than the other 1.8 million candidates that have bought the UTME form just like you. There are secrets you must lay your hands on that will distinguish you from the crowd. Gaining admission to a higher institution is one of the sweetest things that can happen to any youth as you are able to walk with your shoulder high among friends and loved ones. To remain at home without college admission for two to three years after secondary school education can make life unbearable and frustrating especially if you have written UTME more than once. Your mates are moving on to higher institutions of learning, parents and guardians are beginning to see you as someone who is unserious with his or her life or unfortunate. The shame to walk around in the neighborhood becomes unbearable, and to worsen the case, the number of those buying UTME forms keeps increasing every year thereby limiting the chances of many. That is why you must act with wisdom by getting the relevant information to your academic advancement through the “University Admission Capsules” book today!


There is no amount that is too much to spend on your academic growth. In fact, people who excel in life in any field are products of personal development who use their money to purchase books and publications that are germane to their career and personal growth.


Click here to get your free copy today!


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Olusegun Akinade is an author, entrepreneur, blogger, career coach, HSE advocate, public speaker and youth coach per excellence. His first book; "Me and My Future Career" is a bestseller amongst Pre-University students and in secondary schools at large.

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