This is the concluding part of the title above. I hope you learn one or two things from part one?

  1. Indecision caused by fear. Fear is the number one killer of potentials in most people. Many have doubted their capacity to succeed in certain fields of study due to fear, hence, they ended up with indecision which prevented them from acting when they should. They have erroneously believed some fields are not for them… Young people, these days are faced with indecision caused by fear of the unknown. Questions and statements such as “Can I really do this course?” “Will I succeed if I embark on this course?” “I don’t even know what to do…” and the likes have paralyzed the potentials of many students and rendered them confused due to fear. As a student, it is important you gather necessary information about your choice of course at the institution of higher learning and face such with determination. Nothing great is ever achieved without determination, courage, and discipline. Successful people always have stories behind their successes. Faith empowers the mind to face the challenges of life.  A wise man has said that ‘Fear’ is ‘false evidence appearing real’. So don’t cripple yourself with indecision because of fear. Rise and Go after your dreams!
  2. The absence of career counselors and students’ support programs. 

Many of our schools especially government-owned do not have career counselors nor encourage students’ support programs. Throughout my six years in secondary school, I never set my eye on any career counselor talk less about experiencing any career development programs. The story today is not too different. Several students I have met and counseled over the years confessed they are not sure whether they have any in their schools. If the presence of a person is not felt anywhere, it is as good as being unavailable. Lack of, or inadequate career development or students support programs for youths also contribute to the confusion being experienced by these students later in life. The foundation was laid with carelessness and negligence while most youths build their lives with no sense of purpose and eventually experience frustration later in life.

Government-owned and private schools owners should engage more career counselors in our public schools and encourage career and students’ support programs through seminars and various publications. This will go a long way in solving the problems of career choice confusion and the menace of vices being perpetuated by undisciplined youths with no future goals and ambition that is currently increasing in our society.

Having ‘diagnosed’ few top reasons why students and youths generally face confusion over their choice of career, let me introduce you to the solution! The solution I am offering is a book I have packaged as a solution for the problems you are experiencing over your choice of future career. Inside this book are analyses of over forty-five (45) different fields of study and success capsules which if you will read and digest, you will definitely thank your star.

‘Me and My Future Career’ book is primarily written for students in secondary schools, pre-university candidates (JAMB UTME, JUPEB students), undergraduates in various institutions of higher learning to help them find their career paths early in life, and secondarily for career counselors, parents, and anybody interested in knowledge. As a student, I would encourage you to get a copy for yourself if you plan to succeed in your academics, your chosen career, and life generally. If you are a parent reading this article and your child’s academic and career success is paramount to you, please click here to buy an e-copy version now.

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Olusegun Akinade is an author, entrepreneur, blogger, career coach, HSE advocate, public speaker and youth coach per excellence. His first book; "Me and My Future Career" is a bestseller amongst Pre-University students and in secondary schools at large.

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